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  • 2017 - Huntington Arts Council

  • 2016 - Long Island Pulse, "Art and all it encompasses—creativity and diversity, beauty and perspective—add to the wealth of a culture. By these measures, the Heckscher Museum’s Long Island Biennial 2016 is a strong indicator that our home harbors an embarrassment of riches. In painting and sculpture, photography and assemblage, pencil, pastel, metal or molten glass, the 53 Nassau and Suffolk artists selected for inclusion present a wide range of media and styles joined with impressive technical skill."

  • 2002 -  2002 Maine Photographic Workshops catalog featured Washboard and Buckets, one of a series of images taken at the Olson House.

  • 1991 -  Dateline Journal featured Bird in Central Park , winner of the 20-34 age group photo contest.



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